Designate one terminal in each stand as the data collection terminal. Assign cup & container plus product counts to a matching menu group in the register's memory. Put in starting and ending counts including transfers mid-program or event by pressing a menu shift key or by using a stock number entry key. The TE-2400 will calculate remaining stock levels as sales are subtracted during the course of business. 

Insert a CF FLASH CARD into the front of the register before taking a "Z" report. Turn the manager's key to Z1 and press CASH AMOUNT TENDER to issue a BATCH report of all sales activity, which prints from the register's receipt printer. This report information is also automatically written to the CF Flash Card capturing the register's terminal number and date of the report. This data is formatted as a "TXT" file and can be open with Microsoft EXCEL.  Use EXCEL to combine multiple register totals. Create historical report data and e-mail the reports to corporate or to district managers. Saves time and reduces transposition errors.
Use the CF Flash Card to save the entire register program before moving the register to a new venue where it can be reprogrammed in a flash with the new menu.

$ 629.00
Mfg. List
Casio TE-2400
POS Terminal

  • Multiple Register Connectivity using CF Flash Card
  • USB to PC Connection
  • Usage with PC containing both USB Connections & Windows O/S