PAX Payment Processing Terminal
PAX's SP30 fits comfortably into the palm of a hand, offering everything merchants could want in a sleek, stylish payment device, providing unsurpassed security and reliability. It redefines the PIN Pad.

The SP30 provides the smallest footprint with the largest user interface – 128 pixel x 64 pixel LCD with 4 lines of display – to ensure perfect readability and better branding opportunities.

The high-speed processor and large memory support a broad range of payment and value-added applications. The SP30 offers options for adding a contactless card reader, magnetic card reader, and IC card reader.

Simplified connectivity for any environment lets merchants choose from USB, serial or Ethernet connectivity. When connected to an ECR or POS terminal, the SP30 is the perfect device to streamline your electronic payment system.
Casio has designed a YouTube video for their customers to view providing a visual understanding of the PAX/Casio advantages.
PAX SP-30 Advantages

  • The PAX payment terminal interfaces to the TE-1500/2200/2400, TK-1550, QT-6100/6600 & the
  • Cost effective solution for credit/debit/gift card applications
  • No additional pin pad required if doing debit, pin pad is built into the unit
       - Eliminates the need for additional hardware (a separate pin           pad terminal)
  • Magnetic card swipe reader (MSR) is built in for electronic payment swiping
  • The SP-30 has EMV card reader as standard and is already PCI compliant
       - EMV (Europay, Mastercard & Visa) is coming!  It is already            in full use in Europe and
         Canada.  It will be the global standard and backbone for                future payment technologies. By April 2015 merchants                  have to start accepting chip on a card payment in the US.              The SP-30 sold today will be ready to go for EMV when                 April rolls around next year.
  • No merchant setup fees & easy setup
  • Dual COM communications is standard - Internet connection with Dial backup