Casio SE Series Model Cash Registers
Single Station Model
Single Station Model - (Small Drawer)
Stylish Cash Registers with large 10-line LCD. Cash Registers designed to help boost your business!
Hardware Functionality

  • 10-line operator LCD display
  • 2-line alpha/numeric customer LCD display
  • SD Card slot for saving/reloading programs
  • Large heavy duty metal cash drawer
        (except for the SE-S400 model)

Hospitality Functionality

  • SE-C3500/450 flat keyboard (72 flat keys)
  • Multiple menu levels (maximum of 3)
  • Condiment/preparation item programming
  • Text recall messages

Retail Functionality

  • Scanning  (7,000 items - SE-S3000/C3500)
                           (3,000 items - SE-C400/C450)
  • Age Verification
  • Hair dresser application
  • Commission rate tracking
  • Hash item programmability
Functional Large 10-line LCD

The display features a tilt mechanism to adjust view angles, and the back-light ensures accurate operation in dark environments.
Pop-up Customer Display

A 2 x 20 alpha-numeric pop-up customer display ensures accuracy and high visibility to gain customer satisfaction.
SE Series Standard Hardware Interfaces
Two serial COM ports for peripheral connections
SD Card Slot for program saving & restoring
Above are Peripheral Devices compatible with Casio SE Series Model Terminals

PAX SP-30 credit/debit/gift card terminal

Datacap credit/debit/gift card modem

Hand held RS232C scanner